Artist Statement

Creativity was never more fun and more free than when I was a child. And now every time I pick up a paintbrush, a marker pen, a can of spray-paint or an oil pastel, therein lies my search to achieve a composition that rivals those moments and those feelings from childhood where inhibition was nothing more than a word and the capacity to play was all that was required.


The beauty of symbols lay in their interpretations and their ability to mean more than one thing. I use symbols, patterns and colours to ask questions and generate curiosity about a variety of subjects that can often be difficult, multi-layered and complex.



SOMA uses the phrase “moments in time” when describing his practice, preferring to focus as much on the process as the final product. Heavily influenced by his education and direct work with how children use art and creativity, SOMA’s art focuses on themes present in his life outside of the art world such as race, gender, violence, music and movement.


Much like the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, A. R. Penck, Paul Klee and Keith Haring, SOMA’s compositions, often created through mixed media, incorporate crude and rudimental figures, forms, symbols and patterns giving off a false sense of straightforwardness and simplicity.




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